Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Great Thing i Saw

Just very recently, i have been moved at my job to the part of "clerking" in which you go to court and sit by the judge like you see on t.v. Well, i wasn't very happy about it at first, but i wanted my attitude to be right, so i asked God to help me. Soon, He began to place it on my heart to pray for the judge and courtroom where i was working that particular day. So that's what i started doing--and seeing some results too. Well, the more i've prayed, the more God has expanded my vision. Then He gave me the desire to ask the judge before court if i could pray with him or her personally. Now i haven't been able to yet because of my work responsibilities and the craziness of court schedules, but my desire has grown into something more. What if God showed us a way to entice judges and elected officials of all sorts to allow a church member to come to their chambers, say once a week or so, and pray for them in person--and to pray that the Holy Spirit would fill their courtrooms and that their judgments would be righteous and sound--and that they would receive insight from God into the situations brought before them. Some days, there are a LOT of sinners in the courthouse at one time....from attorneys to inmates to families going through horrible fighting and discord. What a great opportunity for the Holy Spirit to bring revival to our county and city through the government officials.
So if you're reading this, please pray that God will bring the pieces together for how this can be done. Yesterday, while i was showering and praying, i saw a scene where inmates were falling on their knees in the courtroom asking how to be saved. The Holy Spirit was so strong because of the acceptance of the judges and the prayers of God's people, that conviction of sin was automatic. This leads to revival in the jails and in the homes and in the city and the county and the state.
Lord please let it be.

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