Monday, November 14, 2005


Yesterday was Sunday, 11/13/2005, as you know. It started off great when my husband, James got baptized. 8)

I'm quite certain that someone else got a better picture, but this is what i got. hehe

Just for interest, this is Pastor Mike talking to the kids before he started preaching.

At night, Meredith and Lyndsi and i went to Wal-mart to bum around for a bit.

this is me; i'm not being shy, i'm looking at the inside of a very weird scarf--it was very soft though....

This is my first cousin once removed.
Her name is Lyndsi. I love her tons.
She's so beautiful!

Lyndsi took this picture; it's all of our feet....definitely the most artistic thing we did last night. hehe 8)

This is all three of us taking a self-portrait.
Not bad for arm's length, i guess.

This is me....very very close up.

Oh, and this is Meredith and Jeremy before they got married (or maybe after)....we didn't take this picture last night; i just found it on her computer and wanted to post it 'cause i like it. hehe

And to all a good night!

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