Saturday, February 11, 2006

burning the candle at both ends

Bedstejoy said that she doesn't know how i burn the candle at both ends. 8) This is it.
When you wait upon the Lord, He will renew your strength.
I just rest in Him; it's His candles that are burning; my resources are not what's being used up; His resources provide everything needed.
In the picture, it looks like the candles are about to be all gone, but what you don't see is that when you rest in the Lord, the candles grow; they are never used up.

i told my friend yesterday, who was about to go in for the sixth day at work this week to complete about 80 hours and was very tired--that i love the moment when we think we can't go on, but we go on anyway...because that's the moment in which God provides strength and shows us Him Self in supernatural ways and allows us to complete the task at hand.

Praise the Lord.

That's why i'm a happy clam. 8)

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