Thursday, February 9, 2006

A Sad Encounter with Depravity

Yesterday, in court, my heart wept as i listened to the honest testimony of an almost 17-year old girl who defended herself before the judge in tears, saying, "no one has ever talked to me about that!"--meaning purity and sexual relationships.
She testified instead that she was born to a relationship outside of marriage, she became sexually active when she was 12, and her mother got her on birth control when she was 13. What appeared a hard girl at first, wept bitterly when confronted with the morality of her actions.
Often, you don't know who to believe in court. People lie so very often. But as i listened, i knew she was telling the truth...not that it was a good excuse, but...
her mother talked to her---about not getting pregnant. And the reason it didn't cross her mother's mind to talk to her about purity or abstinence is that her mother has never understood those things either.
So pray for a family i cannot name--that God will intervene...
My heart weeps for them.

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