Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wind Chimes

I don't remember the exact turn of events, but we found out that we could get a two bedroom for not too much, and so Jen moved back in with us. We put what furniture we salvaged in storage., and at some point, we worked out a plan so that Jen wouldn't have to pay rent if she would keep up with the housework. The Motel provided maid service, but none of us were ever around when the maid was, and none of us really wanted anyone in there when we weren't home, much for maid service.

It's an old place. I think it used to be called The Manor apartments. The plumbing wasn't great. A couple times a month, we would be called and asked not to use water because our water was overflowing in the room downstairs. The furniture had been used about a hundred times before. And the walls were definitely too thin. But it was a resting place. And once again, i began to realize how the fire had freed us from things that were holding us back. And God did a lot of healing, renewing, and reviving there.

I'm not sure if i realized it before, but the Lodge Motel was a place of comfort for me.

I didn't have to mow the lawn. I didn't have to sign a lease. If i didn't want to, i didn't even have to clean.

But the best thing i remember about that place is the wind. My whole life, i've loved the wind..and the sound of chimes singing in the wind. And in our time of seeming homelessness, God gave me this furnished apartment with a patio porch that happened to be in exactly the right place in the complex. It seemed like the wind was always blowing there. My chimes almost never stopped singing. And if there was a real wind around, all the chimes would sound together so loud and beautiful that i would jump for joy and run to the porch to listen up close and feel the wind in my face. When we left there, even though i knew it was a good thing to be moving on, i hated to leave my porch. It was the best porch i've ever had....but the one on my mansion in Heaven is even better!


  1. I like wind chimes too...

    I'm missing you. We'll have to catch up some time... I saw that you had tried to IM me this evening... sorry I didn't respond. Didn't know who had chimed in until after the kids went to bed after our 'slide show' and I checked the bottom of the screen...

    So, I cheerfully await your next post. It's interesting how sometimes when things look the lowest outwardly, that we feel the most loved and comforted. Remember my trailer-house story. The place looked really bad... but we were the most free there!

  2. So glad you got to enjoy that porch. : )

    Ya, that's interesting to learn from outwardly-looking situations, like mama pc said.

    My childhood was so fun.. very loved by my parents & sis..

    one fun thing we did was roller skate down the linoleum floor from the dining room to the bathroom door.. ya, : ) it was slanted, the house was sooo old, floors dipping from the giving-foundation. My parents room was in the corner of the house, was severely dipped so they jacked it up.. this caused the floor to break loose from the foundation, yet it got it even, crazy.. lot of great memories in that house..

    I just heard the words to a song currently playing.. "seasons change.. feel loved.. amazed at the worry I can leave behind.." by Bryan Duncan

    Now "Hold Me Close" by Kim Hill is playing.. such a pretty-sounding song!!

    I love how God holds us close.
    So new to think about it now that I hold my baby, Keith, close & sing him a lullaby I make up.. it's so special to watch it help & comfort him.

    I love the wind too! It's one of the few meanings of Keith too. : )
    others: woods/forest & place of battle

    Well, wanted to write a little more, yet need to feed my honey.

  3. forgot I'd already written, yet here's a bit more on tha wind..
    : D
    We have many trees in the valley behind our home.. it's amazing to watch when it is VERY windy.. they're all swaying so much & since they're in a valley we don't have to look up.. just straight out & see all these trunks moving.

    I love it when I'm in the forest or near a lot of greenery & I can smell plant-life in the wind... especially right when Spring begins.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ w d
    ~ ~~ i ~~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  4. well then,
    my wind isn't all spread out anymore..

    the letters in 'wind' were all wavy throughout.. & were in order left to right : )

    hee hee, it looked neat over here


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