Tuesday, May 8, 2007

some cute pics from when we lived in New Mexico

This is me and my mom and dad. I'm actually not sure if this is in New Mexico, but i'm pretty sure it was.
Aren't we cute!?

This is me with my Morfar and Mormor when they came to visit. =)

This is me all dressed up in my dad's hat/glasses/and boots. This is one of my faves. =)
I don't remember much about New Mexico. I was pretty little. I think this was where/when my mom and dad started to get into the ministry. I remember that we didn't have much food (not from my memory but from what my dad told me), and that God would miraculously supply us with all of our needs. Isn't He good!


  1. i loved those pics! what a cute little girlie!!!

  2. Love the picture of the Cowboy boots! That's precious!

  3. Thanks! That has always been one of my favorites. =D


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