Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Call Nashville, Part 2

After we made our way into the stadium (LP Field), and i made my way to the field itself, I just began to pray and cry out to God, and i gave Him complete permission to do in me whatever He wanted to do -- no holds barred.

As i looked around the stadium, i wanted to call my Dad, because i seeing all those people there to honor God made me think of my Dad. My dad is a tender-hearted and sold-out to God man full of compassion and love. It blesses his heart to tears to see people love God will their whole hearts.

After a few minutes, i finally decided to call my Dad and encourage him to try to get access to the video that was be played by God.Tv. (They're playing the whole day 2 more times by the way). And i began to weep because i knew how much it would bless my dad's heart to see this.
--and then i started to correct myself a little, knowing that i should be concentrating on God, instead of Dad. But then something unexpected happened: the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about how He has been demonstrating to me the heart of God through my earthly father all my life. And suddenly, i feel that i know God and His nature better than i ever have before in my life. And i realized how tender-hearted my Father-God is, how gentle and desirous of relationship with me and with all of His creation. That is, after all, why he created man: He wanted to have relationship with them. In the garden of eden, God walked and talked with Adam and Eve every evening. That's a great relationship! I don't even walk and talk with my husband every evening, but Adam and Eve got to know God that well, before there was sin in the earth. And He told them then why sin is sin. He said sin will cause you to "surely die."

more soon

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