Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flash Forward: The Call Nashville 07-07-07, Pt. 1.

Now, i'm going to flash forward to the very recent past so that i can tell about my experience at The Call Nashville (www.thecall.com)

Follow that link for more information about what The Call is.

Basically, it's a really really BIG prayer meeting that lasts all day long. It's not a party. It's a solemn assembly. The people who come are serious about seeking God.

I've never been to any of The Calls before. I think this one was like the eighth...i'm not sure about that number. The focus of our prayers had a lot to do with the scripture that says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land." (2nd Chronicles 7:14).

I don't know if everyone is noticing it or not, but our country is becoming more and more depraved. But a lot of people want to call this liberality or freedom, but the truth is that we have made some choices in the last 40 years about what we will accept as good and right, and the choices we as a country have made are detrimental to our government, our children, ourselves, our livelihood......i could go on and on.

Forty years ago this summer was the beginning of the "Summer of Love." And a lot of people made a lot of decisions that affect everyone in our nation to this day. Decisions about morality and respect of authority figures and honor toward God

Ok, that was a little prelude....now about my experience.

The day started of with the Repentance Walk. This was a silent walk down Church Street in downtown Nashville. As we walked, we silently prayed for our nation and made personal choices about repentance like the scripture i quoted up there.

At first, there were several hundred people, and it was really cool, but as we continued on our 2.7 mile trek, our group grew...and grew...and grew. Nashville is very hilly, and at several points along the way, i would slow down at the top of a hill to look behind me and ahead of me at the people, and i couldn't see the end of the masses in either direction. It was incredible!

As i was walking and praying, God began to remind me about why sin is sin: Sin is sin because sin hurts and damages people. God loves people, and He desperately desires for them to be whole and full of joy. Therefore He forbade those things that cause suffering, and He called them sin.

But then He gave us a free will to choose because He didn't want us to be robots without a choice about whether to love Him.

Anyway, i realized how much it grieves God's heart when i, someone who professes His name, give my approval of this pain by giving approval to movies and television shows that promote sin. That might sound extreme to you, but it's the truth. God is passionate about His love for mankind, and He wants relationship, and sin stops all that.

My heart is broken even now as i consider it. God gave me His compassion for hurting and His brokenness over sin.

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