Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Memories of Living with Mormor and Morfar

The Birthday

While we lived with Mormor and Morfar, i turned 10.

My mom threw me a big party. I think it was a slumber party, but i don't remember for sure. What i do remember was that she set up a scavenger hunt. And i don't remember what we looked for or what the prize was either. What i do remember is how special my mom is for doing it.

Make-up and Razors

While we lived with Mormor and Morfar, i started getting pretty interested in wearing make-up and shaving my legs, both of which i was not allowed to do.

My mom is a gorgeous woman, and up until i was about nine or ten, she never even wore make-up. There was never a need! For some reason, she decided that she wanted to start wearing make-up, and it was kind of a big deal. (Remember all of this is my impression of what was going on). I think the idea was that if she was going to start wearing make-up, she was going to do it right, so she went to some kind of a class and got all the right stuff with directions and such. I think she actually went to a Mary Kay party and got hooked, but in any event: first there was no make-up, and then there was make-up, and i was TEN.

You can close your eyes for a second if your a squeamish boy, while i tell you that i entered puberty sort of early, and i started seeing the need to shave my legs long before my mom saw the need for me to shave my legs. I think it might be that way for everyone though. *boys can open your eyes now*

And then there was opportunity because my mom had a job that left me at home (with Mormor i think) in the morning for a little while after Mom was gone to work.

So i started experimenting with the make-up. I remember someone on the bus asking me if had gotten into my mom's make-up. (haha) That's when i figured out maybe the blush was a little too dark.

The shaving mess-up was harder to hide. I used my Morfar's razor, but i didn't want anyone to know, so i tried to wipe off the razor...with my thumb. i scraped my thumb right across the blades and cut a perfect blade mark in my thumb. Isn't that special? Then i didn't want anybody to see my cut, so i had to keep hiding it during dinner, so no one would ask me what i did to my thumb.

Bad Beth.....

The Goose

Not when i was ten, but when i was three, we lived with or near Mormor and Morfar another time. During that period (when i was three), Morfar once took me to someplace with water and geese - so that we could feed the geese.

This sounds like a very fine outing, doesn't it?

Sadly, during our very fine outing, one goose BIT me!

I don't know how much i cried, but i had nightmares for years afterward of Mother Goose chasing me to bite me on the butt!

Mean ol' goose!


Also, when i was three, i once got to stay with my grandparents without my parents. I know this because when i was ten, i got to hear a recording of myself and Morfar from when i was three. In one part of the recording I was trying to explain to Mormor how she should be cutting up my eggs like Mommy does it, and in another part, i was explaining to Morfar that he was doing something wrong because when he turned over the tape (that unbeknownst to me was recording), it wasn't making any noise.

"It's supposed to make noise, Morfar."

Out of My Ears
*warning this is gross*

Once when i was ten when we were living with Mormor and Morfar, i got some kind of a stomach sickness that woke me up in the night. I didn't quite make it to the bathroom before i started throwing up. My mom said that stuff must've been coming out of my ears because it was all over the walls. For some reason that stuck with me. haha


Well, that's all for now. I hope these little peeks into the mind of me are entertaining. Have a good day!

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