Monday, May 12, 2008

Brookfield, Missouri

Brookfield is where our new rental house was.

About 30 minutes/miles away from Chillicothe as i recall.

I can't say i remember what the plan was there. We were only in Brookfield over the summer months. I was home alone a lot while my parents were working, and i remember trying to make myself like coffee.

It was time, i decided, for me to grow up and learn to like coffee. After all, i was nearly 13 years old, (or was it 12?), and it's very important to take those steps to do those adult things so that people will see that you're an adult......or something like that.

I tried very hard to like coffee. I tried to drown it in sugar, and that didn't work. I'm not sure if i knew about cream, but at some point i gave up on coffee - until i got to college......that's when desperation inspires deep abiding love for coffee, but that's another story.

I have really good memories about those months in Brookfield, and to be honest, i don't know what they were. I just know that when i think about that house, i feel good. Maybe it's because that house was the answer to my fervent prayer.

But back to the growing up thing - the coffee reminds me of myself now. I drink coffee alright, but there are other things that i have not accomplished that i think i need to accomplish in order to establish myself as a responsible human being. For example - Christmas Cards. I have stacks of signed an unmailed Christmas cards in my closet - and a sign on the door reminding me that i'm an adult now, and i better get on those cards in September.

Is this really something that establishes me as an adult, or is it something deeper. Maybe i need to realize that i will have never arrived, and that no matter how adult i am, i must continue to grow and learn. By God's grace, i'll accomplish better feats that learning to live on coffe in order to survive college.

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