Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After Brookfield, we moved to Linneus.

Linneus was about 15-ish miles from Brookfield and a smaller town.

We lived in a bright yellow two-story house, and it was 7th grade. I remember turning 12 that year.

Linneus had a mini-mall, which i think was an old school, where 3 or 4 people had opened up shops for icecream and hamburgers or something.

In Linneus, i learned that i didn't have the stamina to reply with love to boys who called me "Thunder Thighs" on the bus.

I also learned how to fight with and beat boys who abused their younger siblings (that was eye-opening and weird.)

I learned that even though 3 minutes didn't seem like long enough in between bells, that i could get to class with plenty of time to spare. This was after some months of 7 daily near heart attacks ever time the bell rang, but i learned.

I got a weird nick name in Linneus.
*I had a history teacher with a speech impediment, who called me Beff.
*Some classmates thought that was great and started calling me Biff.
*And then in the next town where i lived, my new classmates started calling me Biff. I never figured out how that happened.

On the first day of school, a girl named Heather offered to be my locker partner. That was really nice, and she was my friend for a long time. A couple of years ago we briefly found each other on line, and it was really nice to talk to her again. I think she's doing o.k. If you read this, Heather, i was really sorry that we lost touch again, and i would love to hear from you.

O.k. I guess that's enough Linneus.

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