Monday, May 5, 2008

The Stars

Before you start reading, just know that this is a complete break from the chronology of telling you about my childhood. This is just something i want to share.

A few years ago, a well-meaning family member tried to get me interested in a website about astrology. I felt wrong about it, but for the sake of social fun or whatever, i explored it just long enough to enter my birth date and time and see "what the stars would say..." All of us at this particular family gathering were surprised at the apparent accuracy of the personality profiles produced from this website, which got me more interested. And though i couldn't explain this phenomenon, i heeded the warning of the Holy Spirit in my heart to stay away from this dangerous territory.

A few days ago, my husband ran across a book in the book store, which attempted to do the very same thing - and once again, he was astonished at how accurate it seems to be--that someone who he has never met could tell him specific and unusual things about his personality, based simply on the day he was born.

Regarding this subject, i have always pacified myself with the knowledge that God created the stars and the planets and their rotations and movements, and He created me. However, this has always remained a mystery to me - how it could be.

I remember a point sometime between a few years ago and now, when i determined, based on nothing but my knowledge of the love of God, that perhaps my birth had more determining power over the position of the stars than the position of the stars had over my birth. I felt like i had heard a little truth from Heaven, but it was just a very small piece.

After pondering this subject together with my husband on Saturday, and once again choosing to acknowledge that God made me, and He made the heavens, and recognizing that many falsehoods are based on a small piece of truth, (i.e., people's personalities and the position of the stars seem to be related, but my fate is not determined by the stars; this is a God-less approach to the wonders of a very real God.) i put the subject back in the back of my mind.

But then on Sunday, when i wasn't thinking about it at all, the Lord began to speak to my heart with impressions and pictures that gave me a glimpse into more depth of God's truth about the relation between my life and the stars.

But first let me say this: it isn't a stretch for me to accept that the positions of the moons and stars, etc. - the bodies of the heavens have an effect on our life here on Earth. I have worked in a county courthouse long enough to see the relationship. There were days, when i worked in a more heavily trafficked public office, and we would notice that the people who seemed a little off their rockers would tend to appear all on the same day - the day before or after a full moon. And, of course, the moon affects the tide in the sea. These are the effects that are easiest for us to see, but what else might there be?

While i was praying and worshiping the Lord, He began to remind me - establish in me - that He placed the stars in their places in the sky. He also reminded me that, though we can't hear them with our ears, stars emit frequency - a tone. What i began to see and understand is that the heavens are singing a song, playing an orchestration of God, and these songs are going on all the time. Our position here on earth, in relation to the different stars and planets, is always changing. If you stay in one place after dark and notice the stars, you will see that the stars straight up at 10 p.m. are in a different place in the sky at 1 a.m. I feel that i can say with certainty, that the position is never the same. It is ever changing. And thus the song that God is singing over us is ever changing.

My understanding now, is that because God has known us since before the formation of the Earth, He planned our song and the exact timing of our birth. He set the Earth and the planets and the stars and the moons in place to orchestrate a specific song in the heavens - a unique song over every life.

I pray you can see this.

I can also see this when i consider the birth of Jesus. Jesus was born under a star that had never been seen in the sky before. Imagine the song that was sung in the heavens.

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