Monday, August 11, 2008

Let us back up a bit...

I have a new adventure, but please allow me to precursor with some foreknowledge that i haven't gotten to in the childhood lifestory stream.

The summer after my sophomore year in highschool, we moved away from the Coldspring Texas highschool New Mexico. I can tell you more about that later, but the important thing is this: this move was probably...well definitely the most distressing for me of all of our moves. I left behind a lot of close friends and a wonderful comfort zone. Soon after our move and the beginnings of kind of adark depression for me, i remember something burning in my heart that i could not shake. I also remember being in tears and full of passion trying to explain to my dad that i "have to go back there some day. i just know it!" This is a message that has always seemed to me a message from God. The desire and the passion was so strong that it felt like God's speaking destiny through my own lips to myself.

Now skip ahead to the near present.

James and i have been exploring the possibilities of buying property for some time. Our thoughts have been largely investment oriented, but we also have had the desire to have a home.

On a whim, one weekend back in March (i think), we went for a drive and followed an ad we found in the newspaper for lots by the lake. Lake Livingston that is. Neither one of us had any intention of actually buying anything that day. We were just going to check it out. Well, we went, and we found this little 50' by 100' piece of land that we loved. And then we found out how REALLY REALLY good the terms were. Short story: we bought it. A couple of months later, we bought the lot next to us. The offer was just so good, we could hardly imagine turning it down.

I'll have to skip some details here, for the sake of brevity, but we now have a 100' by 100' lot in the woods, and circumstances and the hand of God have turned things around so that we are planning to start building a house less than two months from now.

Now, we're not rich people, and we have just enough money to basically dry ourselves into a house. No one has ever accused James and me of being normal, and we're not. The other part of the plan is that we're going to camp in a tent while we build. And when i say "we build," i mean James and me, and mostly James. (My mom and i also made my wedding dress, but really it was mostly my mom.)

Friday was my last day at my old job. Today i have jury duty in the court that was my job...funny, huh?

So the beginning of our adventure will have to wait for tomorrow.

I hope to be blogging more regularly and with more pictures. I would like to chronicle this adventure. I'm very excited about it, and i have more peace that i can ever remember having with so little information.

Oh, i almost forgot to bring it around. We didn't realize this when we bought the land, but it's about 5 miles from the house i lived in before we moved to New Mexico. So i think God is doing something. I don't really know what, but i'm willing to be used. God's destiny is the best, and we're most susceptible to it when we cut the strings to everything else. =) So that's what i'm going on.

Off to jury duty now.

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