Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today, i'm sick.

I say it that way with hopes that i will be sick only today, and not tomorrow or the day after that. Just today.

When i was a little girl (and also when i was a big girl), i remember very distinctly the care that my mother gave whenever i was sick. It's a very fond memory.

I remember my mother waking me up because she had heard me coughing and brought medicine to calm my cough.

I remember the wonderful tea she made me, with honey and orange juice in it. And i remember her serving it to me in an orange tupperware cup. =)

I remember my parents always praying for me and trusting that our Heavenly Father would care for my health.

I remember cold wash cloths on my feverish forehead.

And mostly, i remember the peace of knowing that i was completely safe and cared for, no matter how bad i felt.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Now that i'm much too far away from Mom and Dad to get the personal care i remember, i still benefit, knowing that the Father comforts me and is right beside me when i don't feel well (and even when i do feel well), caring for my needs and making sure i'm never ever alone.

Thank you Father!

I think i'll go back to sleep now.


  1. sweet memories.
    so, did it go away?

  2. I'm glad you are following my blog!
    How do I follow yours? Where is the option at?

  3. it took a couple of days, but it did go away.

    i think i'm following your blog through google reader. i'll check and let you know.


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