Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Like God

i like God. i really do. He's very romantic. He's always looking for ways to do the very best thing for me.

i recently had a little personal break-down about my desire to affect other peoples' lives for the better and not wanting to waste my time on earth - so to speak.

today i got the opportunity to affect peoples' lives.

some weeks ago, a family moved into the house closest to us, so a couple weeks after they moved in, we went over one afternoon and brought a plate of cookies and introduced ourselves. (i really like domestic neighborly things like bringing your neighbor a plate of cookies and stuff like that.) it turns out there are two houses on that property. we visited the house where "mimi" lives. mimi is the mother-in-law of the dad of the family who lives in the other house with his children. mom died about a year ago.

today, the dad stopped by with the two kids i didn't get to meet before. they're three, and their babysitter disappeared without explanation. so dad, who is gone to work about 15 hours a day, was home from work because there was no one to watch the kids.

what about mimi? mimi is sick and on oxygen. she's just part of the family, but she isn't well enough to look after 3 year old twins.

anyway, while they were here, dad asked if i would be interested in making a little money by watching his kids during the week. i asked him to give me a chance to talk to james about it. he said he would stop by in the evening.

so i talked to james about it. we decided that i would commit until the end of the year and see how it goes. even if this is not a permanent occupation for me, i think it will be a great opportunity to have relationship. we will probably be neighbors for a long time, and i think this is an open door for relationship with some children who may really benefit from someone who's home during the day.

anyway, i'm apprehensive a little. i don't want to let my new habits of spoiling my husband deteriorate, but i think i can juggle it ok. . . with God's help, of course. the dad doesn't mind if i bring the twins over to my house part of the time. i think he just wants to be sure the kids are o.k. he doesn't sound too picky about what they do. so maybe i'll stay over there until they wake up, feed them breakfast, and then they can come with me to my house, so i can fix lunch for my hubby.

we'll see how it goes.

i'm excited, and i should really not be up this late. i'm supposed to be at the neighbor's house at 4:30 tomorrow morning. i'm pretty sure i'll be in bed earlier tomorrow night. =)

oh. the twins are a boy and a girl, Jillian and Jackson. mimi mentioned that Jillian really likes ladies. she misses her mom. =(

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