Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Look Like Oprah Winfrey

This evening, i spent used up some time following some online ads that promised to tell me which celebrities were my look-a-like. Sounds entertaining, right?

Well, some of the pictures i uploaded wouldn't work. Others produced very unexpected results. Have you ever looked at me and thought, "she reminds me of someone?" Well, if it has been bothering you, maybe it's Annette Bening.

One of the hints on one of the web sites suggested using different photos to see if the same person comes up several times. This could confirm your results. I did this quite a few times. My data from these experiments on two different programs confirms that i look just like Oprah Winfrey, Annette Bening, and ..oh yes, Winston Churchill. Who knew?


  1. That is very interesting ~ I had no idea!! I like your new blog a lot!! Very you!!! My little Roo didn't go to sleep until 12:45am last night ~ very sleepy but God is faithful!! He will help me through this day as we prepare to MOVE INTO OUR HOUSE!!! So excited!!!

    I love and miss you big!!!

  2. i like it's goot to see you writing again!

    will be checkin in again soon!

    love you~!

  3. I did not know that you look like Oprah. But when I looked at your collage I saw a picture in the very lower left corner where you look like Mormor!
    I think that's better!

  4. You two could be sisters.... what a resemblance !!


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