Saturday, November 22, 2008

a weed, a dead leaf, a clover, and a dirty penny

yesterday, i arrived at the neighbor's house at 4:30 a.m. to find everyone wide awake, including my charge, the three year old twins. the twins didn't seem to notice that i was a complete stranger and were pretty comfortable.

i was pretty nervous going into it. i wouldn't have realized just how nervous i was except that i barely slept the night before. i think that it's the weight of knowing that these kids need their mother, and i'm not her. . . and wanting to minister to their lives as much as possible without overstepping any bounds, but not really knowing exactly what those bounds are . . . and again knowing the weight of the giant need that must exist in the lives of three year olds who have no mother.

it went pretty well all in all. my mind was constantly taking in information, working over time to figure out all i could about these kids and - well just everything.

a few things i learned:
* because of the move i think, there's almost nothing for the kids to do at their house except watch movies.
* right after the lunch, the kids voluntarily lie down for a nap that lasts 3 - 4 hours. did you hear me? that is so awesome!
* the best way to get these kids to behave is to sit down on the couch with them where they will immediately be right in my face because the one thing that they really really want is attention and affection.

some action for me to take:
* work out a schedule so the kids take their nap at my house. what a great break and a chance for me to maintain my position as homemaker.
* start introducing activities that will allow the kids to learn some of the things they should be learning right now and for us to interact while doing something besides watching movies or spinning in circles
* look for a good jacket for jaxxon, which will allow us to play outside longer if it's cold outside

i'm excited about this opportunity. Lord willing, my faithful friend, meredith, will bring over some age appropriate activities tomorrow, and i will be able to set them up at my house. i'm really excited about introducing them to books. =) also, tonight before i go to bed, i think i may try making some play dough. i think that will be LOADS of fun!

i didn't mention skyler, the 7 year old. his dad told me that he hangs with mimi in the afternoon after school, but yesterday, he was back at his house with me as soon as he got off the bus. he had drawn or colored two pictures for me while he was at school, and he was in a hurry to come and show me everything he had done.

this morning, 9:30-ish, the three of them were on my doorstep to bring back the cookie plate that i left several weeks ago. jaxxon also gave me a beautiful dead weed as he walked in, took off his shoes, and asked if he could spend the night. we visited outside for 30 minutes or so while the children terrorized played with stanley the kitten. i finally told them that they needed to start heading home.

while they were here, i added a dead leaf, a three-leaf clover, and a dirty penny to my list of priceless gifts. if they don't knock this off, they just might steal my heart...

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  1. Have they stolen your heart yet?? My extra two have already ~ except when Abby and Rachie are both crying then I want to join them!! It will be much better once we are in the new house ~ more space so we aren't on top of eachother!!


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