Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today, my husband and i plan to go Christmas shopping. Yes, i know this is the 20th, but this is when it's getting done. Our plan is to leave at 6 am so we can beat the crowd to Wal-Mart and then hopefully the other crowds to the stores that open later in the morning.

And for whatever reason, i awoke at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. So, here i am.

This morning, i'm remembering Christmases at home when i was a girl. It was very simple, and i liked it. Often, or maybe usually, we didn't have a lot of money. And often my gifts were homemade. And generally there were only a couple or a few. And i can't think of a single time when i was disappointed.

Somehow, by the grace of God, my parents instilled in me the true meaning of Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I really liked the gifts, but i valued the time and intimacy more. Some Christmases were just me and my parents, and i liked that. That's a concept that seems foreign to me now. With James' 3 brothers and 2 sisters and my 2 mothers-in-law, it has been nearly a decade since i've known anything near a small Christmas celebration.

I enjoy the large family gathering. It's very festive, and there are lots of people to talk to. But it doesn't have the simple intimacy and enjoyment of the small happy family gathered in the living room to exchange simple heart-felt gifts, many that will be treasured for years to come, and to give thanks to God for His perfect Gift.

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