Monday, December 1, 2008


well, my suspicions were correct.

absence of the older child makes everything easier.

the twins let me sleep until ten o'clock this morning (the grace of God i think), and are now quietly playing in my living room while i attempt to pay bills and clean house for my loving man.

i had a really hard time going to sleep at their house last night - and an even harder time staying asleep. i woke up at 3 am and jack (the boy twin) heard me, woke up, and asked for cookies. =) some things never leave the mind. i got up to get the 7 year old, skyler, off to school and then went back to sleep. about 7, jack saw my eyes slit open slightly and again asked for cookies. i told him i wanted them to sleep for a few more minutes and then i would give them cookies. (i'm really a very bad babysitter). somewhere close to 10 a.m. i noticed the rustling of little bodies near by. when i finally dared to eyeball them, they were both sitting up in bed staring silently at me with expectant grins on their faces. "are you guys waiting for me to get up?" i asked.

"yes!" they giggled. "can we have cookies?"

true to my word, i fed them cookies and milk for breakfast. and before you judge me, just know that the other option was honeycombs cereal, and i challenge you to prove that honeycombs would've been healthier. =) also i fed them very wholesome peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

well, back to my dishes.


  1. Cookies and milk ~ reminds me of chocolate cake with grapefruit juice for breakfast in the Cosby household ~ I love it!! So far i've had coffee for breakfast!!

  2. I had cookies and coffee for breakfast this morning!! not as good for me as cookies and milk!!


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