Thursday, December 4, 2008


o.k. this is thursday.

according to the prescribed plan, i should be writing on my blog today to tell how my 3 1/2 day of day and nights taming the zoo went.

sadly, i cannot tell you because the time has been extended. how long? i don't know.

per the dispatcher for the place where the kids' dad works, weather may be keeping the helicopter from transporting him back to shore. she thinks it'll be friday.


if you think i'm a wimp after only 3 days, o.k. i don't care.

but it must be easier to care for your own children in your own home with your own loving man at your side and your own bedroom to sleep in at night. right? at least a little better? come on!

mostly the kids are pretty sweet; they just happen to be three. the potty training is going o.k. jill has a belligerent streak which translates to potty training also. jack is a whiner but easily persuaded if i put my foot down about something. and he likes to wear underwear and go to the potty. jill, on the other hand, is unimpressed by the cute characters on her panties and will happily play all day with completely urine soaked clothes. ick!

i've been praying for jill because she obviously processes emotion differently, and i know that all of her fits are the result of something going on inside. i try to show them love through hugs and kisses as much as i can.

jack likes to call jill a "bad girl" whenever he's mad at her. jill gets very upset when he does this. i've started scolding jack for calling her that and trying to call her other things like big girl and sweet girl. she responds a little.

i enjoy visits with meme, the children's grandmother, pretty much every day. that is something i will probably continue even after i'm not babysitting the grandkids. she's a Christian woman, and she has some lung problems, so she doesn't get to get out very much. i enjoy visiting with her.

i've resolved to have a shower today even if i have to stay up all night to get it.

the schedule is weird because jill is hard to get to sleep; it's usually about 11pm even though i start at 8; and skyler has to get up at 6:15. i've been going back to sleep after skyler leaves, but i'm still exhausted. the children all sleep together in the living room at night, and i've been sleeping on the couch. the established method is to put them to sleep to their favorite movies. i haven't tried to break that one. i don't think i would be successful. i'm praying for the father, david, that he will be able to do what he needs to do. the children's mother passed away last Christmas, and from what the grandmother says, he's still having a really hard time emotionally (who wouldn't be?). but the children so desperately need structure and foundation. i'm hoping and praying that he will find a different employment situation before the end of the year.

i'm tired and probably rambling by now, so i'm going to stop writing and look for some clean clothes.

also, if you read my blog, i'd really like it if you commented from time to time. it's just nice. i usually assume i'm just talking to my parents, meredith, and lisa. it's always nice to know who's paying attention.



  1. So you're spending the nights over there... 24/7? Good grief! Praying safe return for their dad and patience/endurance/stamina/strength for you! Do you get to see James at all?

  2. Posted this on facebook...

    love ya beth...=) hang in there. your shift WILL end. And it is easier w/ your man around. They are soaking up that love you are showering on them. Even if you don't get a shower, they do.

  3. I didn't even realize you were blogging regularly! YOU are going on my blog list! Wow, sounds like you gave an inch and dad took a mile...
    But what a blessing for those babies. Can they sleep at your house? Toby is a night owl and I just gate him in his room at 8 and turn off the light and then he plays till 11 or so most nights...

  4. You are not a wimp. I think you are very brave for doing what you did. I hope you get some relief soon! I've been praying for you


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