Saturday, December 6, 2008


today, at 3 ish in the afternoon, i was relieved of my post...permanently.

146 hours in a row. whew!

the kids' dad finally called this morning around 10 to say he was on his way home. apparently some supplies failed to arrive in time, and he was delayed in beginning his work.

even before we heard from him, however, my loving man had his fill of missing his wife and declared that i should not return to babysit the neighbor children. humbly, i submit.

and now i am kind of sad.

i don't think you get to spend that much time with children and not get attached, not if you're human and contain a warm heart. jillian actually made it through the last couple of days without getting in really big trouble for anything. this is breakthrough!

i don't think the kids understood that i wasn't coming back. i think i'll probably slip over next time james is at work and give them hugs. good for me if not for them. =)

i also got to know meme, and i'll probably visit her several times a week. i already decided.

i'm really happy to finally be home, and i'm sure i'll get used to it, but i might have a hard time going to sleep without a little girl on my lap. jillian is a very difficult little girl to get along with, but every night i was there, she fell asleep in my arms after everyone else was asleep.

i have been told more times than i can count that "you love them as much as you can for as long as you have them." i think i did that.

i'm also really happy about more comments on my blog. thanks! and thanks for the advice and encouraging words.

peace out.


  1. Man... I'm sure you will miss them. Have you guys thought about doing foster care?

  2. we have thought about foster care and adoption. we have to do some building on to our house. hopefully, prayerfully this year. i think foster care would be really really hard if it didn't lead to adoption though.

  3. Yeah, that's one of the things we're weighing now...

  4. i think you have to be ready (if you're going to do foster care) to pour yourself into them knowing they will probably be taken away from you. and foster kids are initially going to require a LOT of time. i think i'm more interested in straight adoption, but we will see what God will do. =)

  5. is it nice to breathe again?? Sad it ended the way it did ~ pray you can keep in contact with them though!! Thanks for the comment on my blog ~ it meant a lot to me!!


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