Tuesday, December 9, 2008


today is my second day home. yesterday, i couldn't keep myself inside the house. even though it was a mess and desperately needed my attention, i just couldn't ignore the beautiful out of doors. so my house is still a mess.

today, the very insistent rain storm has persuaded me to stay indoors. sadly, i don't feel very well, so i'm having a hard time making much headway.

i started to go visit meme yesterday, but when i peaked through the woods, i saw david heading over there and decided to stay home. probably won't make it over today since i don't think i want to wade through all the cats and dogs falling from the sky.

i'm a little bored and just a little bit lost because i haven't gotten into my routine yet. i would like to get everything cleaned up and start decorating for Christmas. i got my first Christmas card in the mail yesterday, so i'm inspired. also, i'm determined to get my own Christmas cards mailed out this week, and i'm way behind because of the babysitting.

lots to do. must find inspiration.


  1. That's me ~ much to do but don't want to!!! I get to get Rachie's BIG girl clothes out, washed and ready for her to wear in a couple of weeks ~ WOW she is almost 3 months old!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and need to sweep the house, sign Christmas cards, and figure out some VERY CHEAP Christmas gift for the loved ones. I found gifts in a jar recipes that look very cool ~ would like to try those if we can afford it!! Happy day!!! Love you!!!

  2. let me know when you find inspiration. Tell it to come to my house.


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