Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not a new year's resolution

I've been quite overweight for a long time. That's not a secret.

At some point, i decided it was o.k. because i was not gaining. I wore the same size, weighed the same weight, i thought i had reasonable physical ability, and i definitely didn't want to do the lose weight - gain weight - lose weight - gain weight thing, so i just kept doing things the way i was doing them.

Recently, i noticed that i am now gaining weight - rapidly. And suddenly, i had new light. Also, since i have been blessed with the privilege of not working outside the home, i really have no excuse in the exercise department.

So, i'm instituting some resolute habit changes....exercise - calorie restriction - and so forth.

Also - another peek into the mind of me - in the past i have had a hard time focusing on my body without losing focus spiritually. That's another reason i haven't done anything about my weight: i would rather be an overweight Christian than a skinny sinner.

So this time, the two go hand in hand. Both should be good for the other, after all, so i'm working to develop healthy routines in both areas that will lead to health and life in both areas.

Oh, and this is not a new year's resolution. I started yesterday, well before the new year. And i did that on purpose. It's change that starts now and is not defined by the beginning or end of a year.


  1. I went for a walk with Rachie this morning and loved it!! Just put her in the stroller and went after time in the Word. It was windy and a little chilly but nice all the same!!! I plan to make it part of my life as well. I hope it will be a great memory for me and Rachie. I love making memories with her!!!

  2. Happy for you.. yes, set with resolute today, awesome. Combined with the health of spirit-- great! You will be so joyous when it begins to make you feel a surprising energy & frees up your mind in various ways. I'm looking forward to your victory reports. *muah* xoxo!

  3. I'm glad that our WA state winters are colder.. yet will long for more walks myself. I'll be choosing the slightly less cold days. ; )


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