Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tearing Down the House

This is a picture of the little red house that sits next to the house i live in. I am told that the family we bought this house from actually lived in the little red house sometime way back in the 70s - with their kids! It's amazing!

You can't tell it from the picture, but the roof is caved in, which makes it difficult and expensive to get home owners insurance. We would've torn it down right away except that it is hooked up to our electricity - on our house - the one we live in. And when James tried to disconnect it, he discovered that the screws that would make that possible were rusted tight.

Yesterday, that all changed. James' friend from work came over after work, with tools, and they disconnected the electricity and caved in the front wall of the little red house. I think that's a very interesting after work activity for men. "Hey guys! Wanna go over to James' house and tear down a building? Yeah!"

Anyway, today i began the job of tearing the little house plank from plank and burning the pieces. It was fun. There's something very exciting about tearing down walls. With the use of only a household hammer and my gloved hands, i actually tore down an entire wall of the little of the long walls. It's cool when you find the weak spot in the wall and it starts to give way - which makes another place weak...and so forth.

I'm sure there's a spiritual metaphor here. And also in the incredibly hot fire that the planks made. I haven't come around to it there, but it's still spilling around in my head. Tomorrow, we decided we won't just burn everything. Some of the pieces are not riddled with termites or mold, so we need to save them for other projects.

O.k. not very exciting, but that's all i've got for today.

That, and i'm watching Israel closely and praying for her.

Good night.


  1. Is that where our glass studio is going???

  2. no, the glass studio is planned to go further back in the corner - buried in the woods a little

  3. I have Carmen's old song "Tearing Down the Walls" in my head after reading this. Get out of my head song.... GET OUT!!!!!!


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