Friday, February 13, 2009

i don't have to title this if i don't want to

Let's see...


Samson was later named Charlie. Barney remains named Barney. Barney is growing a little faster than Charlie, and James thinks he might have a little Chow influence in his genes. Both are lovable and cute and always hungry. The other day, when we went to town, they decided to try out the middle of the street for a new play area, so we're working on that. Oh! And Stanley thinks that the dogs are his brothers. They all three play together just like siblings, and the nap together too. That's working out very well. I credit God, who hears my desires, even the ones i think won't matter to him - like how my pets get along.

On other things, spring is coming, and many of our trees are budding up. I can't wait to see what they become and how the place looks in the spring time. We are starting to make some progress toward getting our garden started, and i am very excited about that. I'll feel a little more like i'm earning my keep after i'm cultivating successful vegetable gardens, and i can see the cans of them in our pantry and bags of them in our freezer.

I have started but not nearly finished several books: the writings of Josephus, Utmost Life, by Tim Storey, and Common Sense, by Thomas Paine. This evening, i completed my reading of the U.S. Constitution. My genealogical pursuits are ever-progressing, which is a lot of fun for me. Of course, i am also reading my Bible. I am currently very interested in the 118th Psalm.

Church: Last Saturday's women's group was very different and uncomfortable for me. When i woke up on Sunday morning, i was forcing myself to go to church, even though i really didn't want to, and then the Lord blessed me by inspiring my husband to take me to Conroe, where i was able to fellowship with the members of the body who already know and love me.....and it was SO refreshing!

God's goodness: I am overwhelmed by the little desires of my heart that i notice God's hand attentively acting on. His grace is so sufficient, and His love is so much more than intimate. I cannot describe how He romances me. One day recently, i turned to see the most lovely sunset and immediately felt Him pouring His love on me. I burst into tears and answered that i love Him too. I am overwhelmed again that He pursues me undyingly, without regard to my energy level or attention span. He just loves me. I am amazed.

I visited my neighbor today and got to pray with her. I felt strongly that i should go see her today, so after James got home (someone has to watch the dogs so they don't go in the street) i walked next door. I haven't visited Meme since before Christmas. She said that she was thinking about me, and then i appeared at her door. God's pretty cool.

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