Sunday, February 22, 2009

oh funny?

Tonight was the outing i spoke of a couple days ago, you know, to go to the comedy club. Well, we had decided we weren't going to go just because the expenses didn't really fit into our budget right now, but when James told his friend we weren't going, friend was visibly disappointed and offered to help out financially. So we went.


this couple is younger than us than we realized before; friend's wife and i didn't get to talk very much, but at least now we can recognize each others' faces; i had a little eye-opening into possibly "normal" thoughts of "regular" people; our hosts seemed a little disappointed when i didn't order alcoholic drinks, and i thought that their disappointment was a strange response.

as to the comedy:

there were 3 comics there to make us laugh. the first one was funny enough and almost clean; the second one quite a bit funnier but with unexpected bursts of objectionable content; the headliner was not that funny and very objectionable most of the time. headliner tipped his hand, though. i was listening to him as he made political and religious jokes, some of which stepped quite a way over "the line," but as he revealed his 12 years of catholic school and his disappointment with the catholic "celebration" of mass, i began to feel compassion for him and pray for him. he was making a joke, a joke with truth in it, when he reflected on the nuns he had come in contact with during his time in catholic school, when he said, "if that's the joy of the Lord, i'll take my hookers and booze." ( i might have some of those words mixed up, but it's pretty close )and i thought, he has a point. if we claim to represent the Lord, then we really need to trust Him and yield ourselves to Him to live through us and show Himself to the world.

so while he was telling jokes, i was praying for him. i asked the Lord to give him the gift of open eyes that see the truth. his name is Jimmy Dore. i hope you'll pray for him too. i think i saw into his heart for a minute, and i think he wants to know God.

as for our hosts, i don't think that this will be the end. i feel that God will use that experience to open up relationship. i'll wait for Him to open the next door.

tomorrow, if the Lord wills, i will find the church i tried to find last Sunday.


  1. it's dumb that people resort to the same stupid grossness to be funny. originality is so much funnier... did you find the church?

  2. we did finally find the church. we passed it up, gave up and turned around, and i was about to cry by the time we stumbled across it again, but we found it. =)

    i had a little embarrassing moment, but all in all, it was pretty good. i think i will visit again. more on that in another blog. also, jess, did you get my email because i've been trying to get your help with something for like 2 weeks.....i know you're busy....=)


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