Thursday, February 19, 2009

ramble ramble

here i go again writing just because i need to write and having no idea what to say.

i have some political things spinning around in my head. if you ever want to read those, they're on I put them over there because not everybody wants to read about political stuff, and not everybody wants to read my personal ramblings.

james has had to go to work early every day this week, and for some wonderful reason, i have easily waken up with him every day except monday. i have had a very good week. i have listened to one recorded message which was very good. and i have spent more time in prayer than i have in a very long time. those are signs of breakthrough, i think.

on the flip side, for all of my wakefulness, i have had a horrible time getting anything done. today, i went in my bedroom at least three times, with the intent that i would pick up some dirty clothes on the floor, and every time came out having done something else - but not picked up the clothes. these are very simple tasks: wash the dishes, sweep the floor, pick up the laundry, and so forth. but for some reason this week, they have been very very difficult to wrap my mind around.

i think i might've found a key in the prayer/spend time with God every day difficulty. it seems to come down to humility. if i decide to willfully humble myself before God, whether i have anything to say or not, He seems to meet me right there.

my husband has a friend at work, who he has brought home for lunch quite a few times. i have been wanting an opportunity to meet this friend's wife but have not had one yet. i have a specific compassion for her, even though i haven't met her. today, we were invited to join james' friend and wife to use some free tickets to a comedy club. james left it up to me, and i decided to accept the invitation. i'm hoping and praying that this will allow an open door into this woman's life. the comedy part is a little scary. we all know that different people's definitions of "funny" can be vastly different and often offensive. i'll just leave that to God.

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