Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sneaky Cookie

Have you seen the commercials for the Smart Cookie? It's a weight loss aid advertised on television. According to the commercial, it's a little like SlimFast, but with a twist; you get to eat a cookie instead of drinking a shake. Also, the commercial says that you could save $1200 a year in groceries by eating the Smart Cookie instead. Wow!

I am of the portly variety, and i want a cookie, so i pulled up the website to see if the hoopla was something i would like to get involved in.

So here's my expose:

First of all, a four week supply of Smart Cookies is $279.00. Right now, you get a fifth week free. You judge for yourself, but i don't eat $279.00 in groceries for breakfast and lunch each month. But o.k. people have different budgets...what else? Well, here's the plan: You eat 6 cookies throughout the day. This is to help you develop the good habit of eating multiple small meals through the day instead of binging, etc. And then for the evening meal, you eat (are you ready?) a portion of lean chicken or fish and (are you sure you're ready?) 5 cups of vegetables. Yes, that's right. I said 5 cups.

Am i telling the truth? Here's the quote:

Within 1 hour of waking up, eat your first Smart Cookie along with a glass of water. Then every 2-3 hours, when you feel hungry, eat another Smart Cookie. You should eat 6 Smart Cookies throughout the day and then a healthy, low fat dinner of chicken or fish with 5 cups of vegetables as outlined in your Program Guide included in your order. This will retrain you to eat small, multiple meals throughout the day.

You can read it too. Just go to

I don't know about you, but i can't eat 5 cups of vegetables in one sitting, no matter how hungry i am when i start out. I think that if i really tried, and i wasn't eating the Smart Cookies (or anything else at all), i could possibly eat 5 cups of vegetables throughout the course of the day. That might save me some grocery money.

Sneaky Cookie.


  1. that is awesome. Just get you some chips ahoy. You can eat a couple every hour, and then have a gallon of broccoli for dinner. You are gonna look AMAZING!

  2. Sneaky cookie indeed!!! I'll pass thanks!!


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