Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 912 Project

Yesterday was the We Surround Them event i told you about.

I watched it, and i was pleased with how it turned out.

The pictures that were sent in to the show were thousands. They didn't say how many came in. What they did say is that onslaught of pictures being submitted shut down the FoxNews server FIVE TIMES and that the mosaic you can see here is made up of about ONE TENTH of the pictures that came in.

The show was simple, not dramatic. But it was touching and impactful to me. First, i have great respect Glenn Beck. It seems to me that it takes great courage to be someone who works for a news network (Fox or not) to stand up on national television and do something honest and forthwright and transparent. To say, "i love this country, and i fear for it," and to make the appeal to the nation to pull together and talk about what's happening and what can be done.

Basically, that's what he did. He said that when it comes down to it, faith in God is the most important thing to survival, and that family is next, and that those of us who think alike are bigger than those who don't, and we need to stand up and be heard.

Glenn also announced the opening of a new website, The numbers 912 refer to the day after 9-11, the day when Americans said they would never forget. The website is meant to be an online community where you can connect with conservative Americans and where you can be educated about the day's events.

I hope you'll check it out and find a venue to speak truth.

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