Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee Please, and Keep it Coming. I'm On A Health Kick.

Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, on Sunday's Fox News reported new studies that coffee, if you drink a solid 3, 4, or 5 cups a day, may prevent a bunch of problems, including stroke, heart attack, gall bladder disease, oral and esophageal cancer, and a bunch of other stuff.

Dr. Rosenfeld says, "If you like coffee, drink it." He also said, for those of you caffeine haters, that coffee seems to have the same benefits if you drink the decaffeinated version as well. He didn't state his source, but he seems to feel confident that except in the case of a few unusual circumstances, coffee is good for almost everyone.

Well, truth be told, you can find a study to support just about anything you want to say about coffee. On a quick search on Fox News, i found headlines suggesting that coffee can also shrink women's breasts, cause hallucinations, and kill cancer cells, so who knows? I usually take coffee reports "with a grain of salt," as they say.

But for my part, i'm going to go with Dr. Rosenfeld. I enjoy coffee, and it makes me feel pretty good. So i'm just going to assume he's got this one right.

Of course, if the researchers had included the sugar and corn-based creamer that usually is included in my coffee, they might have come to different results...

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  1. I listen to medical reports with one ear closed. As you state, there is a report to support whatever the researcher/reporter wants to say. I eat, drink (no alcohol), smoke, exercise, etc. in moderation - not excessive nor slacker. My philosophy is: "everything in moderation". Death comes regardless.


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