Tuesday, March 31, 2009

crash! boom! BANGS!

I should've written this on Sunday, but alas, i came home from church feeling bad and just got sicker and sicker from there. But before i knew i was getting sick Saturday night, my loving man was engrossed in something at the computer, and i found myself staring into the bathroom mirror, contemplating my lack of hair style. If you know Lindsey Tharpe, formerly Crouse, well, she's the last person who cut my hair - way back when she was still Lindsey Crouse. And she did a great job, as Lindsey always does. And it was o.k. because i was trying to let my hair grow long, blah blah blah. And i did. But i've been contemplating the use of a little bit of bang.

I remember when i decided to not have bangs anymore. It was in college, when it occurred to me, after long sessions of mirror contemplation, that i would look older if i didn't have bangs. And thus, i discontinued the bangs. Fifteen years later, it turns out i'm not so sensitive to comments indicating that i don't look my age.

While i advance much too close to my "mid-thirties," (shiver) i think i won't mind if someone thinks i'm only 18. What could it hurt?

The last time i was considering the bangs, i mentioned the idea to my husband and did not get rave reviews. However, i suspected that thin bangs may or may not even be noticed if he didn't know i was doing it, and different hair experiments in the mirror made me think that some wispy little ol' bangs might help my now increasingly popular ponytail and bun hair do's around the house look a little bit less i like i just completely don't care what i look like.

So i did it. I worked on the part for the bangs for like 30 minutes. I wanted to make sure it was absolutely straight. And then i started cutting. First i cut only a couple of inches, and then i took off a big chunk. And then i left them a little long because i remember all too well the dangers of cutting your bangs too short.

So here you go.

It's pretty funny to me looking at this picture now. I didn't realize i was getting sick at the time, but look at those eyes! I promise they're not usually so puffy. =)

Oh yeah, after i cut my hair, i just sort of fixed it too look decent and went and sat on the couch. James eventually emerged from the bedroom and kept looking at me funny and finally said, "You look extra cute." but he didn't know why.



  1. I love em! Just saw this post. ALSO, just saw "bring it". Nice.

  2. I like the bangs. What a funny story!

  3. just saw this-

    very good-looking!! good choice on having them thin.

    sa-weet!! he said, "extra cute."

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