Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Monday!

Great Monday!

got up early, straitened up, talked to insurance guy on the phone, fed dogs, fixed lunch, cleaned up, planted garden, punished very bad garden-invading dogs, made peace with dogs, burned trash, had bonding time with dogs, improved lizard habitat, identified poison ivy, burned poison ivy, rejoiced over better lizard color, greeted homecoming husband, kicked out odorous cat to tune of "smelly cat" song, gathered laundry, took laundry to laundromat, finished laundry, cooked fried chicken for dinner, watched wonderful movie, encouraged lizard, thought about recleaning kitchen after husband's spontaneous creativity, wrote blogs.

i love industrious days!

Update on Sanford

I was unable to catch any bugs for him. Apparently that's not my talent, but i have my eyes open for adventurous spiders. I put water on a giant cabbage leaf and put that in the window - he seems to get really scared and run away whenever i spritz water on the window sill. Then i read that sometimes lizards will eat soft sweet fruit. So i mashed up some strawberry jelly, and put it on the back of a spoon, and put the jellied spoon in the window. I think he might've eaten a little of it, because his color was a LOT better later. But then i thought that i'll leave it there because maybe it will attract bugs for Sanford to eat. He's pretty fast as long as he doesn't have to climb. Speaking of which, (this is so sad), i kept noticing that he was more active today, and that i kept seeing him in different positions near the window pane. And then i witnessed it....he was trying to climb on the glass. Front foot, other front foot, back foot, and then apparently he's not compensating well for the missing foot because he just fell off the window. Poor guy. Courageous though, i'm telling you. He just keeps trying! A lesson could be learned here.

That's all. It's crazy late. I need to go to bed.

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  1. man. I bet that creativity worked out. Lucky women with husbands that can cook...


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