Monday, March 30, 2009

horrifying but strangely comforting

Warning, this is a little bit gross, i guess.

It seems i have a cold.

It came on really quickly. It makes me sneeze and sniffle and have a cheek ache and a forehead ache.

I came to my senses far too late in the evening that i might need medicine. We don't have 24 hour Wal-Mart here in Coldspring.

And after 2 1/2 rolls of toilet paper, which is what i use for facial tissue, and finally resorting to a clean soft t-shirt - in order to save my nose, i took the one and only sinus pill in the house and tried to go to bed. But it didn't work. I mean i was in bed, but the sleeping part didn't actually take place - only the miserable but now lying down part.

So i got back up and starting reading about "nasal irrigation." Previously this has been an off-limits option for me, but misery is the mother of desperate options. I don't have a neti pot or anything crazy like that. So i prepared the solution and found some paper dixie cups that i could bend to make a spout. The article says that you should turn your head so that one nostril is toward the sink and then pour the solution into the top nostril. Supposedly the solution is supposed to go in the top nostril and then out the bottom nostril. I think my nostril's might be deformed, 'cause they don't seem to be connected.

I started with the right nostril, and the solution didn't go anywhere except right back out the same hole it went in. So i tried the left nostril, and it did a little better. I accidentally breathed in, which while causing some minor gagging, helped the solution go up my nose and into my mouth, but not into the other nostril. Perhaps they meant to say, if your nose isn't stuffed up, it will do such and so. Not sure. However, this treatment was strangely comforting. I did get some relief, and the pressure is diminished. Also not sure if it was the saline up the nose or the advil cold. Hard to say. Breathing better through the left nostril though.

Weird post, i know. Sorry. This is what happens when i'm sick. Hope you still love me.


  1. ha ha... i love the homemade Neti Pot, Dixie-style :)

  2. i have done the Neti Pot often these days ~ horrifying but comforting is true of it!!! Yes ~ i still love you ~ feel better quick in Jesus name


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