Wednesday, March 4, 2009

in regard to popcorn recovery

by the time i went to bed last night, i felt a lot better, but i was groggy and icky feeling all day today, and i was still a little concerned about popcorn. i'm not sure if it was the popcorn really; i don't think i've seen enough evidence to convince me - maybe i'll read more about it tomorrow.

for now, i am aiming at an early bedtime tonight, hoping for a more healthy feeling tomorrow. sure am glad that i did my other blog earlier in the day. i'm hoping to make that the normal schedule.

in non-blogging news, i think my dogs are growing about an inch per day, and my cat is growing progressively more whiny. i'm not a fan of whiny, so we'll have to come to some agreement soon. i think it might be a failure on my part to give quite the degree of undivided attention that my sensitive and emotional feline friend thinks he requires.

i'm looking at the clock, and i think i might be in bed by ten-ish, and maybe - maybe - asleep by 10:30. i hope i don't wake up before the alarm. =)

good night.


  1. I hope our baby alarm doesn't go off before 7:00 ~ she did just go to bed so I might be in good shape!! That would be nice!! I get my land line installed tomorrow!!! Much excitement!!

  2. i like this regular blogging. much to read. :)


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