Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's the Little Things, Really

I am so tickled that i can't wait until this evening to blog about it. And when i tell you what it is i'm so excited about, you're probably going to be very disappointed. I'm just letting you know that now, so as to soften the blog. I am nevertheless, still very excited.

Lemme splain. Remember when i told you about the new toys i installed on my blogs? Well, it's really kind of creepy when i think about it from the the viewer's point of view, but i feel obligated to tell you that the tools that let me see who's reading my blog really give me a lot of information. They tell me exactly which isp is accessing my site. They also record what time you were there, how long you were there, how many times you reloaded, what operating system you use, how you access the internet, what link referred you to my site, which pages you read, and if you used one of my links to another site to leave my site.

Now, this isn't really as creepy to me when i think about the bigger sites that get a lot more traffic than i do, but for someone like me, who has had a total of 19 unique isp's visit my blog since i installed the tool, it's a lot more revealing. Be patient, i'm getting to the excitement. For example, there's one group of isp's from Kansas City, so i know that's Jess and/or someone else in her radiant household, but probably just Jess. And there's one in northern Michigan, and that's my mom, who by the way hasn't read my blog in a couple of days, and i think i'm going to call and make sure everything's ok, since she's a pretty steady faithful reader. There's someone else in Michigan who i don't think i know, but he or she links to my blog through Jessica's blog (thank you Jess). And so on......

More background information: on my other blog, you may have noticed that i fill in all those labels, keywords that relate to my posts. That's because i am frantically and pretty unsuccessfully so far, trying to make so that my articles or whatever you want to call them, will show up when someone googles one of my terms. That way i create more traffic, and more people can have the opportunity to be enlightened by my writing. (tongue in cheek a little there)

O.k., here's the big news. This morning, after a good night's sleep, and thank you i feel quite a bit better this morning, i was checking to see who was creating hits on my site while i was sleeping, and i saw a new isp on my list. The list is small, so it's easy to spot a new one. This isp was really easy to spot because it said Hawaii!!! Hawaii? I don't know anybody in Hawaii! So i used the tools to find out how this Hawaiian person found him or herself on my humble little blog, and it turns out.......drum roll please.......he/she googled "caras teeth whitening success"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my blog was the second one on the google list! I'm so tickled! Now, if you google just "teeth whitening sucess," well, then i'm nowhere near the top of the list if i'm on the list at all. But still, this is very exciting!



  1. awesome! i hide my blog from google for a little privacy, but I'm always jealous of richy being able to read the search words for his blog.... who are you using? I use sitemeter and statcounter.

  2. i use and statcounter

  3. it is the little things!! Love it!! much excitement!!!!!! Great post on the other one BTW!!!!!!

  4. That is funny! When I found your blog back in January, I bookmarked it, but whatever page I bookmarked happened to be a post from back in December. So I checked it every day and kept seeing the December post and just figured you didn't update very often. Then one glorious day I discovered my mistake. It turns out I have a lot of reading to catch up on!!!

  5. joy, i'm so glad you discovered the rest of the blog. hope you enjoy the reading!


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