Thursday, March 26, 2009

James' Smart Guy Job

When James got his job at Yokogawa, people kept asking me what he does, and i couldn't really give a decent answer. I still can't give a very good answer, but now i have pictures. My best understanding is that they manufacture little rooms that end up being the brains, so to speak, of places like natural gas plants (are they plants?) and oil rigs. The steel tubing you see is what he was been doing most recently. I takes some really expensive tools and training to learn to properly bend the tubing so that it's so pretty inside these rooms. Lots of hours of work in these pictures. I think that the rooms you see here are just part way through the process. They still have to have different fancy machines like gas chromatographs (sp?) and other complicated scientific things installed. It's very interesting, but i can't explain it.

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