Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a peaceful rant

See here's the thing. I seem to have misplaced my muse, so to speak, on the political blogging route. You know, that other blog. There's no point linking to it; i haven't written in it since - i don't know, sometime last week.

I guess that even though my stated goal was just to reveal untruth - or to reveal truth actually, in what we're told by the media, etc., i guess my other, unacknowledged, goal was to be a part of preventing the total downturn of my country.

But then when i read, and subsequently wrote, about the fed's decision to "buy our own debt," whatever kind of asinine double talking that is, by printing a trillion bucks, like that'll make everything better.......well, i guess i kind of inwardly gave up. I resigned myself to the inevitability of the coming American depression, possible revolution, and/or whatever other heinous and disappointing developments might come upon us, due to our own failure to act sooner, to stay true to what is right, and to stand up for the integrity of our nation. Our failure to obstinately stand in the face of political correctness and declare that there is a difference between stating the truth with kindness and stating a lie and calling it the truth - or giving a new, nicer sounding name to something whether that new name describes it or not. Our own personal failure to stand by what we know is right even when it's popular and easier to do everything on credit instead of living within our means. As Christians, our failure to truly invest in eternity instead of this life. These are the "little" things that start the tear on our integrity and eventually break wide open a giant gaping hole in the seat of our pants, revealing to the world and to ourselves that we have become fakers, a country and a people without substance and without anything of true value, because we gave up on the freedom that God gave us, and we handed over long ago the last opportunity to salvage what our forefathers handed down to us. And we used our freedom to freely become fools, blissfully prancing about the American field of "let someone else take care of it" and "it'll all work out in the end."

Stop the ranting here.

This "giving up" is not without its benefit. I remain a hopeless optimist, and have instead given myself over to the knowledge that i can depend on my God. I have encouraged my friends to store up food - not out of fear but out of faith. We have been warned that hard times are coming, and warnings are not to inspire fear but faithful preparation. And now i am satisfied with the assurance that God has a plan, and i trust His plan.

The problem is that now, i'm just not sure what to write on that other blog.


  1. I guess you can just preach the gospel and warn the readers of what
    is coming and how to get ready spiritually. In Luke Jesus said that we should pray that we may be worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the Son of man.

  2. "Be still and know that I am God, I WILL be exalted among the nations" -Psm 46

    Remember the end is inevitable


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