Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Picture You Asked For

Here he is: my three dollar potato pantyhose.

In other news, i re-acquired my digital camera today, and that is a delight i cannot easily put into words.

Maybe tomorrow you will get to see pictures of my herd of hungry pets. I tried to take pictures in the dark, but one of the pets was missing, perhaps asleep somewhere, and solid black dogs don't take particularly good pictures in the daylight, much less the dead of night.


That large black smudge is Charlie. He made a good effort, but i woke him up mid-night-ish, and he couldn't quite get his eyes open for the picture.

Stanley, on the other hand, was ready for anything.


  1. actually, i guess charlie didn't come out too badly. i used picasa photo editor, and i was able to lighten it up quite a bit.

  2. ok not love.....

    I like it though.... Cute! I am not found of cats..... several bad experiences in small house with many people and small house with many cats....

    dogs are great OUTSIDE!

    I have now exposed my heart....

  3. we're not really inside pet people either. stanley comes in to eat and nap during the day, but he gets kicked out a lot, and he doesn't get to stay in at night. the dogs are strictly for outside.

    no bad experiences exactly, but we have very low toleration of excrement inside the house. =)


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