Thursday, March 5, 2009

sadness and interesting hair products

Today is Monday. President Obama signed a document lifting limits on embryonic stem-cell research. That's pretty big in the news. So today's sort of a sad day for those of us who believe that those frozen embryos contain living beings.

There isn't much more for me to say about that, so i'm hoping to brighten your day with a little favorite advertisement i've run across lately.

To learn about the newest crazy in ladies' hairstyles, click here. Be sure to watch the video on the left hand side of the screen, and let me know what you think.


  1. I'mma get me one of them and then I will look good in a bikini...

  2. Reminds me too much of hair fasion from my youth. Don't
    want to go back!

  3. Mary Tyler Moore.....and Doris Day would be proud..

  4. Thanks for the diversion from the sadness...

    I like it. =) For those of us with very thin, very fine would be great if I had thick enough hair to cover up the headband thingy. I wonder how you get it to stay on your head? I might could get it to look decent until I walked out the door, but running after a few kids later, not so much. And folks would be like, what's that poking outta yer head? I'd give it a go, even if I never walked outta the door with it on.=)

  5. Oh, but only if I found it for free or maybe $1 at a garage sale.

  6. i need a bumpit
    woo hoo


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