Monday, March 2, 2009

That Other Blog

Just a quick note tonight. After hours of cross-eyed concentration, i believe that i have succeeded in modifying and renovating and fabulousizing my other blog. And it is now open for business.

Here's the goal, i think. So i welcome the thoughts and responses of you, my friends. On my other blog, i am hoping to develop a more public blog with more readers so i have a venue for speaking up about things when it seems really important to speak up about things. But i also want to have something that's enjoyable to read, sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, sometimes sappy, and i want to have the opportunity, during times of socioeconomic stress in our country, to point people to the Real Answer. I'm working on developing some kind of theme rotation, and i'm working on building up enough ideas that i can write pretty much every day.

I know i need practice writing. It has been on my heart for a really long time that i want to have a way to speak out. In fact, that was part of the reason for my leaving the world of county government - employees of elected officials aren't really allowed to have public opinions of their own. And i'm no orator by a long shot, so i want to write.

This is my baby, but i want people who don't know me to want to read it. So i'm totally open to ideas, thoughts, criticisms (hopefully in love), whatever kind of response you have to help me make it better.

I want to talk about politics (i know, yikes), social matters, family matters, and i want to point people to The Truth.

Oh, and i want it to be a little funny at least part of the time so that we don't take this world we live in too too seriously.

Thanks for being my friends, lurkers, and commenters.

Oh, and since Jess had a hard time finding my other blog last time, she suggested i post a link.

Here's the link to my other blog: Veritable Observations. Or in other words, An Honest Viewpoint. CLICK HERE

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  1. I'm still looking... this is so confusing. Did you link to it? ;P


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