Saturday, March 7, 2009

three dollar potato pantyhose

near Christmas, my husband bought from a vendor on the square in Coldspring, a crafty little item which consists of a knee hi stocking filled with cedar shavings and has glued on it 2 little eyeballs. it also has some red and green ribbons tied to the top where the stocking is knotted up so as not to release the shavings.

actually, he bought 2. one i placed in his shirt drawer. the other is in the corner of our bathroom counter. it has been there since he bought it, and i haven't even removed the $3.00 pricetag.

it's one of those things that has actually disappeared from my observance. i don't ever think about it unless i'm cleaning the bathroom, and i have to move it to clean up the errant cedar dust.

i have had two guests that have noticed my smelly cedar thing and asked about it. but just as i can't figure out the name for it (and i know what it is), neither can my guests.

yesterday, my friend asked me, "what's the deal with the three dollar pantyhose thing in the bathroom?"

just a few minutes ago, i remembered another friend who asked me about the "potato with eyes" in the bathroom.

and just now, i went to the bathroom, and unusually noticed the little purchase in the corner, and i simply burst into tears of laughter.

now, it's going to give me the giggles every time i think about it. what must people think when they use my bathroom and see a three dollar potato pantyhose stocking with eyes????!!!! oh! i can't stop giggling!

now i have to keep it in there just for grins and to see if i get to hear anymore innovative names for it.



  1. my sincerest apologies. i am without my camera for the time being, and i could not find a replica example online. please accept my sincerest sorry and rest assured i will provide picture at my earliest available opportunity.

  2. it is very cute and a good conversation piece ~ how about ~ i got nuthin to name it ~ sorry

  3. knee-hi bathroom potpourri !!!

    Can you take a picture with your cell phone maybe and send it to us.???

  4. sorry, no cell phone either. gave that up when we moved to the country. =)


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