Tuesday, March 3, 2009

very interesting late night blog entry

can you get food poisoning from microwave popcorn?

i have felt wonderful all day, and then after dinner, while watching ai, i had some popcorn, and then i felt really bad.

interesting blog tonight, eh?

i am feeling better now. i'm having some baking soda water (i know that sounds awful, but it's actually sort of refreshing once you get used to it) and now i'm feeling some better. we'll see if the good feeling feeling sticks after i move though. as long as i hold still, i seem to hold up pretty well, which allows me to type here on le blog.

in other news, i am encouraged at the faithfulness of God and how He answers prayer and is so involved in our concerns. and i am thankful for His favor.

i'm going to cut this very deep and interesting entry short so i can work on my other blog. i was hoping it would be deep today, but i think i'll post something that is less involved since i feel so good tonight.

thankfully this isn't the blog that i'm trying to inflict upon the public world. those of you who read this blog are my friends, and you are supposed to love me even if my blog is boring.


  1. I do! I do love you! And this is boring!

  2. i'll liven it up, my friend.
    health to you, girl!
    google "sick microwave popcorn"

    a. ma. zing.
    tons about how it's toxic as eaten, breathed, and to workers in factory.

    we already ditched microwave use years ago. then popped in heat & oil popper.. then stopped= non-stick stuff is bad...

    now don't plan to have popped corn at all.. because? i will explain in soon post of my own
    : )

  3. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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