Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ways to Get Involved

One of the reasons i started publishing this blog is that it has become obvious to me that people like me, Christians, conservatives, people who value virtue and a free society, really need to start doing something besides grumbling about how our government is run. I am convinced, and no i can't back this up with any data, that if all American citizens got involved in standing up for what they really believe, people like me are in the majority.

Therefore, true to my realization and determination to act on my values, i would like to present to you several tools, actions that you can be involved in, to help make your voice and the collective voice of people who believe the way you do - heard.

I know that many of you have received forwarded emails on several of these things, but sometimes emails are circulated without the background information, so they seem like some dreamy scheme that someone concocted late at night and wrote an email about. So i've done a little bit of research for you to take a look at. There's no point in complaining if we refuse to do something, right?

I think everyone i know has received this email, but it wasn't until i did a little simple research that i discovered the originating story. And now, if i can get my hands on a red envelope, i think i will participate. Participants in this project are instructed to buy a red envelope and mail it, sealed and empty, to the whitehouse with the message printed on the back of the envelope, on March 31, 2009. Here's a link to the blog of a fellow named Christ Otto, who is one of the promoters of this project. His name, by the way, is not meant to be pronounced like our Lord. It rhymes with "mist," and it's German. And here's the link to a specific FAQ about the Red Envelope Project. According to this blog and several other sites, this was started by Christians who felt directed by God to do this. They have convinced me that this is not some kind of politic stunt or in any way a money-raising opportunity as i had suspected. Therefore, i have peace to endorse this project, provided those who send envelopes follow the action with prayer for God to turn the heart of our president toward Him and to save our nation.

2. The New American Tea Party or the Great American Tea Party is the name being given to a host of different gatherings and projects in protest of government spending, the stimulus bill, and of course, higher taxes. Sadly, the information on this movement is pretty disorganized and difficult to track down. Most of the information i have found is organization for different protest stations around the country to meet on Tax Day, April 15. To learn about a location near you, click here. Other Tea Party information can be found at the following sites: http://www.pjtv.com/, http://www.tcotreport.com/,http://www.reteaparty.com/, and michellemalkin.com.

The email i received about this particular movement was encouraging participants to mail an envelope with a single tea bag in it to the whitehouse, on April 1. I have been unable to find any information on the websites about this particular movement, so i'm unconvinced about its possible impact. If i could find some level of organization on the tea-bag-in-the-envelope bit, i would possibly endorse it on conditions. I would not endorse it in lieu of taxes or with an included i.o.u. for taxes, which has been a suggestion made by some.

I am not against the "Tea Party," but i do advise that if you want to be involved, proceed with caution and prayer. Many people are very angry, with reason, and i do have some concern that these protests may result in a type of rebellion that my readers would not necessarily want to be part of.

3. In an effort to honor the president, i want to be very careful how i portrait this opportunity, but i still want to let you in on it. This past week, the nation of Great Britain, who has been this country's very strong ally, took great insult at the actions of our president and his staff. I hesitate to speak to the president's intentions, so i will not. This article sums up the biggest part of the situation quite well. It also gives you, an American citizen, the opportunity to send an apology to the British Embassy, in Washington DC, by mail or by Facebook. (Who knew an embassy would have a Facebook page?!) I for one, intend to send an apology to the British Embassy, but i'm going to make sure to prepare my heart and hold it before God before i do it.

4. This is the last one, and i've already told you about it. It's the WE SURROUND THEM movement. This one is really just a tool to help ourselves to be aware that we are not the minority, and we are not alone, no matter how strongly the liberal media tries to make us feel like we're the lonely weirdo's of the country if we believe in God and a free society and a free economy. The "reveal" is scheduled for this Friday. The only thing to do right now, if you want to be involved, is to send your digital picture to Glenn Beck, with the understanding that it may be "revealed" on national television as part of Friday's special show on the Fox News channel. If you want, you can also host or participate in an area viewing party.

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