Sunday, March 8, 2009


Weekend schedule

Saturday: slept until late hour of 9:30 ish
12:30 - husband leaves for important family matter
12:30 - wife pads around house aimlessly and peacefully, leaving dishes for another time - sings songs very very loudly - explores interesting but not particularly purposeful stuff on internet - ignores politics entirely
5:00 - realize tonight is daylight savings
8:00 - husband returns home
8:30 ish - husband finally comes in the house after talking with brother forever
8:30 - 10:00 - sort of plan tomorrow, learn about husband's family situation solved - continue to ignore kitchen along with politics - hear about genius brilliance for husband's next invention - change a few random clocks to reflect tomorrow's time - let husband guess which one is correct
10:45 - go to bed while husband sinks into brilliance induced genius trance while staring at potential invention
12:30 something - finally have last look at clock and realize only 5 more hours to sleep
5:30 - awake or at least walking around - can't find remote to shut off weird program on t.v. - ignore t.v. and take shower and make pretty for church, eat breakfast, iron shirt
6:30 - talk to sleeping husband who refuses to awake
6:50 - husband finally awakes upon announcement of hair drying requirement
7:00 - put on ironed shirt - realize iron didn't take - pick different shirt
7:30 - leave with husband to go to Conroe
8:00 - shop at Wal-Mart - very quickly and efficiently - finally a new brita filter
8:30 - shop at Lowe's - buy gardening tools and blackberry bushes
10:00 - go to church at CTK while husband goes to Home Depot, hear excellent sermon, greet loving friends, delight in fantastic worship/praise service (not in that order), linger after service is over because it's so nice
12:30 - go out to lunch with husband and long lost CTK friends - overstuff on CiCi's Pizza
2:00 ish - go to Home Depot - purchase vegetable seeds
3:00 ish - arrive home - greet very hungry pets - husband begins digging gardening plots and training puppies not to touch them - begin seedlings in weird little peat moss growy biscuit things that apparently are very old and don't work that well - go out and cheer on hard working man making garden - husband plants blackberry bushes - continue to ignore politics and kitchen
6:00 - dinner - not really that hungry, fantastic dinner is short-lived because of previous pizza overstuffing
6:30 - more digging, dog training, laundry sorting
8:02 - arrive at community laundromat 2 minutes late, rush to get clothes in washer as not to arouse suspicion about lateness - wash really fast and dry faster - stuff clothes into laundry bags for maximum wrinkling
9:02 - leave laundromat with clean soon-to-be very wrinkled laundry
9:05 - finally arrive home, greet forever hungry pets, fail in training cat to eat his own food, throw cat out of house
9:15 - husband is baking cake? in dirty kitchen? where did he find a place to do that? - answer lots of questions about location of baking and mixing tools while starting blog post entry
9:30 - continue blog post entry, plan to-do list for tomorrow - need to start compost heap, burn roots pulled from garden plot, burn garbage (have to shrink my carbon footprint), clean kitchen (have to shrink my filth footprint), pray before checking in on politics and remember Pastor's message that EVERYONE is your neighbor (apparently that scripture includes politicians AND the president!), plant onions and garlic in garden, start potatoes on road to making roots for planting, fold wrinkly clean clothes, and write two blog entries, whew!

I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength!

9:52 - decide to publish blog post as is and try to go to bed - cake smells good...
9:55 - notice heavy eyelids
9:56 - answer question about toothpick location while proofing blog and not actually publishing as is
9:57 - renew determination to post as is
9:58 - title post and publish


  1. blogger time stamp says 9:23. it is totally NOT 9:23

  2. too tired/ will come back later

  3. You go girl!!! much excitement this weekend!!!


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