Friday, March 6, 2009

Whole Other Country

In regard to blog hits, yesterday i got quite a few hits off that cara's teeth bit from the other day. Sadly, quite a few of them were led to this blog where i talked about getting hits on the other blog, instead of the blog i actually WANT complete strangers to read. So i adjusted my settings to tell Google to stop including my personal blog in their search engine. The technical term is that you have to tell Google to stop "crawling" your blog. EW. Yes, please, stop crawling around in my blog, would ya?

A new happy development is that someone in the Phillipines (that's a whole other country) got a hit on my polar bear expose. I couldn't reproduce their search, so i don't know how far into the search they had to go to find me, but i got a hit, and that's what i want. Now i just have to make my articles/entries interesting enough that people who don't know and/or love me already will actually stick around and read them.

Subjects for articles are coming to me more and more easily, and i now have a designated legal pad in the living room where i sporadically scribble down some genius idea that just came to mind so i don't forget to blog about it. =)

I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of writing. I've always enjoyed writing, but mostly just about myself, so it's fun and interesting to start trying to find my voice when it comes to writing about things that aren't me. I wanted to thank those of you who are reading that other blog, especially when you comment that something that i wrote moved you in some way. That is my ultimate goal - to move people positively and ultimately toward God.

Well, i was just thinking this morning, that i need a break from the news (which i've been watching quite a bit of in my attempt to keep up with things to write about), when my dear friend, Meredith called and suggested a visit, which i welcome with delight. So i'm going to post something short but most assuredly very important on my other blog and then call it a day.

One more thing, i've said this before, but i don't think anyone took the hint, so i'm going to be more direct this time. Thanks to technology, i know that there are about 5 of you who regularly read this blog and about 10 of you who sort of regularly read this blog. I really really want your opinions, thoughts, and advice. You're people who i trust, and this other blog thing is something that is deep in my heart. Don't worry; i have tougher skin than you think, and if you tell me something i just don't agree with, i just won't follow your advice. But i really really would like to have some feedback. Really really really. And if you're afraid you'll hurt my feelings, use the anonymous feature on the comments, and if you don't want everybody else to read what you wrote, email me. You can't really do that one anonymously, but i'm just trying to find a way to get you to talk to me. It occurs to me that i don't know how to link you to my email, so if someone can tell me how to do that, that would be great too. My email address is

Much love!

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