Monday, March 9, 2009

You Might Be A Redneck...or something better

Yesterday afternoon, i was multi-tasking with Glenn Beck on the t.v. while i was cleaning the kitchen. And i had just kind of stopped paying attention when Glenn said his next guest was Jeff Foxworthy. No offense to Jeff Foxworthy, but i didn't think he would have anything beneficial to say about politics; i figured he was there for comic relief.

Anyway, the room got quiet at one point, and i heard a few words in Jeff Foxworthy's voice that made me think i had fallen into the twilight zone. The show went off just then, or something else required my attention, so i went online later to see if i could find out what he said.

Here are some snippets from Jeff Foxworthy in a radio interview with Glenn Beck:

Well, and we weren't intended to live that way. You know, I say to people, you know, if you look at a microwave oven, well, somebody created that, and when they created it and planned it and designed it, they had a purpose in mind for it. And the same thing with a coffee mug. Somebody created it and planned it and designed it. Well, we're infinitely more complex than that and so it just seems foolish to me to think that we are just happenstance, you know, and so if we were created, then somebody created us with a purpose and a design in mind, and I think we've so gotten away from what that purpose is.

I don't believe in denominations because the word denominate means to divide. And again I don't think that's what we were created for, you know. I think we were -- we're not supposed to be divided. And, you know, and if you believe in God and you believe he's infinitely created, then we don't all have to look and act and sound the same.

Anyway, the interview is pretty long. You can read a transcript of the whole interview here. I was pleasantly surprised to be witnessing two big names discussing their faith in God, the same God i serve, in a positive light. They discussed the importance of family and how Jeff Foxworthy has become the most prosperous man in comedy, even though he has turned down movies and other offers if they interfered with the time he wanted to be spending with his children. They also discussed ... well they said things in a way that portrays them as believing that God speaks to us now. And i agree.

And i think i'll think of Jeff Foxworthy differently the next time i see him also.

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  1. YES...... me too... I have seen Jeff on TV speak of God also. He seems like a man with his priorities in line.


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