Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chick, Chick, Chickens

My chicks were 7 weeks old this past Monday. They're growing so fast! It's very exciting. If chickens aren't exciting to you, well just go with it. =) They're very fun to watch grow and sort of develop little chicken personalities. They're at some sort of a milestone too. I say that because they've started transitioning from making cute little "cheep cheep" chick noises to making grown up "bok bok" hen noises. It's very funny because one of them will make the grown up chicken noise and then look around like, "what was that?" and get very quiet.

So i took some pictures today. I'm very proud of how healthy they look and how fast they seem to be growing - not that i have anything to compare to.

I haven't given them names yet because i can't really tell them apart. But i might have to name this one Hawkeye 'cause she always has her eye on me.

I stuck some grass through the wire - partially for photo ops and partially because i wanted to give them a treat. They've weathered the unending rain very well. You see Hawkeye still has her eye on me.

They're so cute all in a row like that.

I actually have 6 chicks, not just 5, but this one is almost always off by herself. She's not sick. I thought she was at first. I think she just likes her space. So in the picture with the grass up above, you see Hawkeye, keeping an eye out, then the four musketeers all cute in a row, and then this one. What should i name her? She likes her privacy.


  1. very pretty!! Can't wait for eggs!!

  2. Very cute pics! They're much more yellow than I imagined. :-)


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