Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meme's Turnip Stew

My friend and neighbor, Meme, passed from this earth a week ago yesterday. She lived a long life and had many children and grandchildren. At the end of her life, her health was not good, but she quickly adopted as her own anyone who came near, and that included me. Meme and i had some good heart-to-heart conversations during the short time that i knew her, and on our last visit, she gave me a quart-size bag of frozen turnips.

I am going to miss Meme, and yesterday, one week after her death, i decided to cook those turnips as my own little memorial to Meme. So this recipe is not Meme's, but it's in her honor. I never ate turnips before Meme gave them to me, so i will probably always think of her if ever i eat turnips again.

Here's the recipe. It's pretty good.


16 oz great northern beans
1/4 coarsely chopped white turnips
4 oz of bacon
6 oz of sausage
one large onion, diced
1/2 cup milk
salt and pepper or nature's seasoning to taste
1 TBS of mustard

Start by cooking the beans, slowly and stirring often in order to make a good gravy. Add cooked and chopped bacon with bacon grease, onions, and turnips. Cook slowly, watching for it to get too dry. Stir often. Once turnips have cooked down a little, add sausage, cut up however you like it, milk, mustard, and seasoning.

I'm actually still cooking, but i had a sample, and it was pretty good. I just have to adjust to the texture of the turnips. But the taste is fine. Good comfort food.

Thanks Meme!
Miss you.

Edited to add:

After trying the finished product, i think that it would've been good to make the turnip pieces a little smaller and to add about 2 cups of chopped red potatoes. The sausage i used has a pretty peppery flavor, and that was good for this mix. Over - all it came out really good. Healthy and filling too.


  1. great blog. You inspired me today. I am cooking turnips, too. Did you know that turnips are counted as a serving of dairy?

  2. No! How does that work? And thank you. I'm very happy to inspire. =)


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