Thursday, May 21, 2009

7 1/2 weeks is amazing

Well, i took pictures of my chickens for you 3 1/2 weeks ago. And i think someone is sneaking steroids into their food when i'm not looking because they are gigantic. And they seem to grow faster as time goes on.

It's probably hard to tell from my pictures, but i don't think i expected them to get this big as full grown adults, and they're 10 1/2 weeks old right now.

They don't like it, but i try to make a habit of picking them up and looking them over once a week-ish or so. And they are getting HEAVY! They're also very pretty close up. I know, chickens aren't supposed to be pretty. But they are! Their feathers are so soft, and it's fascinating to look at how they grow. Who but God would've thought of that?

While i was typing this post, i was looking at my older pictures of the chicks, and i got the idea to put one of the girls in the pen that we had them in when we first got them. So i had to go chase chickens and isolate one (she got pretty upset with me), and i got this great comparison picture.

On the left is all six chickens at three weeks old - the first day we got them. We put them in a make-shift pen (i know, it's very fancy) that is about 2' x 2'. On the right is Rosie, the fattest chicken, in the same pen by herself. And thanks to taking this picture, i now know what a chicken sounds like when she's freaking out and calling for help because she's scared. =) In case you're wondering, normally she makes a beautiful little "bok bok bok" that is a very peaceful barnyard kind of sound. But when she started getting a little frantic, like "where's everybody else, and what is she about to do to me?" it turned into a squawk - something like a mix between a duck and a goose and a kazoo. Heehee!

Here's another one.

The one on the bottom right i took today. The one on the top left is from the day after we got them.

Aren't they beautiful?

One more thing, i don't want to leave out Stanley, my sweet kitten.

The one on the right is the picture that the lady who gave him to me sent to me the day before we got him. The one on the left, i took today. He looks a little creepy, but i woke him up to take the picture, so that might explain his attitude. =)
Also, if you remember the trouble we had with Stanley when he first came to live with us (key word drippy butt), he now sleeps and eats inside the house and waits by the door to be let out to go potty. Good kitty! Happy people!

And also, you remember i just recently was bragging about my newly reorganized office suite. Well, in the bottom left cubby of my "desk," i put a box of printer paper and stacked some folders on top of it. Well, Stanley found it, shoved the folders out, and now sleeps in the cubby on top of the paper. I guess i need to find a new place to keep my paper.


  1. thanks for sharing your cool pics. I especially love your kitty in the box.

  2. oh, bethaliz! how cute your chickies are and your little kitten...

    and i just read and saw your post and pics of your nice new office suite! sweet!!!

    love you!

  3. All the beautiful chickens.... ARE they buffs?

  4. yes, beautiful Buff Orpingtons. we love them; they are so pretty. James really wants us to just raise that breed. the only thing about them is that i have to tag them in order to tell who's who. =)


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