Thursday, May 14, 2009

all kinds of blessings

A little background...

My husband and i had been using a particular computer for years - it was a hand-me-down from his dad, and it was really old when we got it. The disk drive didn't work at all, it couldn't write to cd's, and it couldn't even comprehend a thumb drive. Then a yearish or so ago, our friend, Jeremy, who was working for a resale shop at the time, called and said that a computer had been donated. Do we want it? Jeremy blessed us with a decently modern, working, efficient computer for only $30. I am using that computer at this moment. It was such an unbelievable blessing. It's not a fancy computer. It's an e-machine, most likely the $400 deal from Wal-mart. But it does a great job!

More background...

Since we moved into our new-to-us little house, our bedroom/office has been.....well, sort of shameful. I just couldn't get a handle on getting it organized. It became the place we stored our boxes. The dirt and very thick dust were ignored. It was just a mess. Here's a picture i took that sort of demonstrates the dilemma - but i took this to send it to my mother, so you know it's not an example of the worst. =)

Please note the giant stacks of boxes and lopsided storage baskets.

Also, i've not been feeling myself for a while. So while i've been wanting to do something about the mess of the bedroom/office, i have not had it in me to truly conquer.

Well, recently, i've been feeling better. I've addressed a couple of things, including taking vitamins every day, and i have had progressively more energy. Thank God!

Then, we were visiting James' know, the donator of the ancient computer i spoke of before. Well, they have recently replaced the replacement of the old computer, and they were going to donate it to the local we want to take it? Yes we do. We've kind of wanted to have two computers, so that we could both compute at the same time - and because it's just nice to have a computer to yourself that you can set up the way you want it - selfishly, without regard for the needs of others. =) The only problem with the computer was that it needed some settings reset, and the dog had peed on the mouse - so that would have to be replaced...

So, we brought home new-to-us computer and started to set it up. Where? Well, on the night table by the bed, of course! Where would YOU set it up?

Well, obviously that isn't going to work. And it also is very frustrating to try to surf the web without a mouse. Just in case you wondered...

So yesterday, while i was shopping with Meredith, we went to the resale shop to look for a mouse and a couple of other things. And when i thought all hope was gone, i stumbled upon a taped together package that said "$1.00 New," and it contained a wireless keyboard and mouse set. So i bought it. And it works., and it matches James' sleek "new" black Dell computer. Groovy, huh?

Well, still we have the business of getting the surfing off of the bedside table. So this morning, as soon as James left for work, i started tearing things down. I managed a little ingenuity to create a desk for me from other pieces of furniture that were not previously a desk. I cleaned, i swept the floor, i organized, i filed, and for the first time since we moved our belongings into this home, this room is clean. And organized. And i am tickled.

So i took a picture.

Please note the absence of stacked boxes and junky surfaces - and the proper use of decorative boxes as cute little drawers on shelves.

Also, the floor is swept.

Seems small. But i am SO BLESSED!


  1. Keep inspiring me girl. You ought to see my office. It has been the catch all room and where i do bills. It is horrible and I don't think I could post a picture at this time. haha I have been thinking I would feel better if I organized it because it is where I sit all day.

  2. Doesn't it feel good??? I think I'll go clean my house now too. :-) What better way to spend a Friday night?

  3. I love it! It looks great!

    (BTW, I can't imagine how the dogs were able to pee on the mouse!)


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